About NeuroHealthMaine

NeuroHealthMaine is dedicated to treating your depression and anxiety through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatments. Our goal is for you to leave our care feeling like your best self.

Our office offers the following:

  • Educated, compassionate and caring staff
  • Tracking progress before and during treatment
  • Tools to analyze your unique brain

Our business is founded on the understanding of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself and change by forming new neural connections. Depression and other mental health illnesses which can change the brain are now referred to as brain diseases. TMS can change the neurofunctioning at the cellular level and successfully treat what was once thought as a permanent condition.

We are passionate about this work and are dedicated to helping you lift the cloud that has been part of your life for so long. TMS transforms lives and we consider ourselves privileged to walk with you on your path to health.

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Miles Simmons, M.D.
Medical Director

Miles Simmons, M.D., our Medical Director is Board-certified in psychiatry and neurology and is trained in TMS. He utilizes a holistic approach in his practice practicing functional medicine and coordinating with complementary health practitioners.

Dr. Simmons’ interests include Functional Medicine and alternative healing techniques, including TMS.

Sean McCloy, M.D
Affiliate TMS Provider

Sean McCloy, M.D., is trained in TMS and and Affiliate TMS Provider. He is committed to serving patients with cutting-edge treatments. He is a board-certified Diplomate in both Family Medicine and Holistic Medicine.

Dr. McCloy’s holistic philosophy toward medicine includes using TMS as an advanced treatment for mental health.

Richard Powell, M.D.

Richard Powell, M.D., is committed to changing the lives of many through his dedication and his focus utilizing EEG and TMS. Over the past ten years Dr. Powell has worked with thousands of patients with numerous disorders and with the addition of TMS he has successfully helped his patients regain their physical, mental and emotional health.

Dr. Powell has worked with physicians and patients alike for over 8 years and has lectured as a keynote speaker throughout the United States.

Crystina Mendolia
B.S. Treatment Coordinator

Crystina Mendolia, B.S. is our Treatment Coordinator. She provides the individual TMS treatments and works closely with our patients to assist them on their progress to better health.

Crystina recently graduated from the University of New England with a double major in neuroscience and psychology. She is excited about cutting edge technologies that are making a difference in mental health, like TMS. Crystina will be returning to school to get her PhD in Neuropsychology. We are lucky to have her while we do!



I found TMS to be amazing.  I feel like I’m back in control.  I no longer feel hopeless.  I’m sleeping better.  I can focus better at work, and the critical thinking part of my brain is mostly back online.  I still have some work to do in traditional therapy, but even there I believe TMS had made an impact.  I suddenly have access to important insights that just keep coming, so I think I may make much faster progress due to TMS. – G. B.

I was severely depressed over a period of three years. I tried several antidepressants but nothing really seemed to work. I had a severe allergic reaction. My family was very poorly impacted by the whole problem of my depression. By the end of the TMS treatment, things were better than I could have imagined. After that six week, I was so excited that my life was starting to resume. It could actually get better and that I had more to look forward to. – Garret A.

During that time, it was probably the darkest time in my life. I was sad and miserable all the time. Before when I was going through depression, I felt hopeless. Since TMS, my perspective on life has been so positive that I know there is hope. – Martha F.

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